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Jason Emmitt

Forever the straight man with the dark sense of humor Jason is a monster fan of anything 80's and 90's (just ask about his Tron collection). He also appreciates long walks on the beach and the feeling of the ocean wind through his hair

Kevin "K.C. Masterpeace" Coleman is the intellectual, chess playing nerd of the crew. He's also the brew master, craft beer drinking, off the wall poet and slide whistle maestro.

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Kevin (K.C. Masterpeace) Coleman- The Mix Tape Podcast
Slug Matt- The Mix Tape Podcast

Matt is the Twisted Kid with a passion for the obscure. It's amazing the movies he has seen vs the classics he has not. He also has an undying love for Lisa Lobe

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Jason Emmitt- The Mix Tape Podcast
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We said we'd give you the recipe for the greatest treat ever and we freaking did it!


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K.C. Masterpeace 

Pimp Daddy Spank Dawg- The Mix Tape Podcast

The Ex? Stoner of the crew Spanky has lived it. He brings the snark and the crazy "I heard" stories. A lover of classic rock and classic cinema he would trade it all for a good wrestling match.


Stuey D.- The Mix Tape Podcast

The attitude of the group, Stuey was asked to write something for the site and refused. Big shocker!

Stuey D.

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