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We are lucky enough to get to speak with the occasional celebrity here on the Mix Tape! Below you will find direct links to those episodes. Please, go have a listen and show your support for all their amazing work!



Ron Wasserman

Composer of theme songs for Power Rangers, X-Men, VR Troppers, Mummies Alive and more!


Lawrence Gowan, Lead singer for the legendary band Styx!

Jim "Kimo" West, guitar player for the One and Only Weird Al, grammy winner and all around amazing guy!


Stephen Tobolowsky, star of films like Groundhogs Day, Memento, Spaceballs and Thelma and Louise! He is an amazing storyteller and an all around fun interview.

Catherine Mary Stewart, star of cult classics such as Night of the Comet, The Last Starfighter and Weekend at Bernie's

Actor, producer and leader of The Monster Squad Andre Gower!

Creator of Wolfman's got Nards.


Lead singer of Everclear Art Alekakis. Father of Mine, So Much for the Afterglow and Santa Monica.


Sean Yseult, founding member and bassist of White Zombie

Found and Frontman for The Presidents of the United States of America "Casper Babypants" Chris Ballew

Our Interview with Semisonic's Jacob Slichter!
Closing Time, Secret Smile, Chemistry!

Dennis Diken, drummer for the Smithereens, the band that gave us hits like Only a Memory and Girl Like You!

Glenn Phillips, founding member and lead singer for Toad The Wet Sprocket, the band who gave us Good Intentions, Walk on the Ocean and All I want.

Michael Lockwood, member of the 80's band Lions and Ghosts who has performed with greats like Fiona Apple, Carly Simon and Susanna Hoffs.

The Transformers inspired super group Cybertronic Spree

Mark "Rez" Reznicek, drummer of the Toadies, the band who delivered us the hit Possum Kingdom

Founding member of the Neo Swing bang Squirrel Nut Zippers and folk musician Jimbo Mathus


Stuart Pankin. From Not Necessarily the News to Arachnophobia, The Dirt Bike Kid and the voice of Earl Sinclair on Dinosaurs, Stuart is one of the most humble and friendly celebrities out there!


Owner of Troma Entertainment, creator of The Toxic Avenger Lloyd Kaufman was a ton of fun! Coupling Horror and schlock with social commentary his films have amassed a huge cult following.


Actress, comedian and host Rhonda Shear. Rhonda was a huge part of our childhood hosting the schlocky USA Up All Night!


The fastest talking man in the world, John has voiced some characters including Blur on Transformers and was The Micro Machines Guy!


Jonathan Mayberry, novelist, comic book writer and producer. Jonathan has worked on properties such as Black Panther, Marvel Zombies and V-Wars


Write/Comedian Joey Clift has worked with entities such as SyFy, Cartoon Network, College Humor and The Nerdist. Properties he has written for include Looney Tunes, Lego Ninjago and the Netflix series Sprit Rangers.

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